Why Trading Systems?

As the trader stares intently at the movements on his screen and reads the indicators and the news ticker he sees a trade starting to setup. A trade exactly like the last two, both of which ended up getting stopped out with losses. He sees the perfect formation taking shape, but hesitates, he can’t afford another loss. He thinks why not see if it starts to become profitable and then enter the market, he may make less profit but something is better than nothing he rationalizes.

The trade starts to move positively, he waits, letting it build momentum, with a deep breath he enters. The trade moves up for a bit and with the thought that this is the trade that will make all his problems disappear he doubles up and adds to his winning position. Just as his order is confirmed the market starts a freefall and he ends up getting stopped out again.

Yet another loss. Emotionally spent from the ups and downs, physically tired from the tension and financially weakened he retires for the day defeated.

If this sounds like you or if you remember feeling like this in when starting out you are not alone and it’s not your fault. The human mind is not designed for trading. Over time, traders manage, control, and suppress their emotions and after years of practice and discipline a select few manage to reach a place where their emotions don’t hurt their trading too much.

Instead of all that toil, why not create a trading system, automate it and let it do all the trading while you sleep?

Narang, CEO of Tradeworx said, "Humans are not involved in the trading because humans are way too slow to trade on the kinds of opportunities that we're trying to capture. We're trying to capture opportunities that exist for only fractions of a second.

...computers don't care where a stock is going to be trading next year, next month, next week or even tomorrow, because they are going to be in and out of it on the same day, in a matter of minutes."

Ed Barsano did it already while INDUSTRY EXPERTS “said it could never be done”.

But a former Microsoft programming genius did it!

Now many thousands of people are using CoolTraderPro worldwide!

Here's what
Ed Barsano created to trade the stock market:

A form of artificial intelligence utilizing 5 million lines of code after 12 years of development and $10 million in development costs.

Cool Trader is recognized by industry insiders as the ONLY Fully automated system available to general public. CoolTraderPro identifies the stocks to buy – opens and closes positions automatically after turning itself “ON” in the morning and then it trades all day. Shuts itself off after market hours

Cool Trader is 100% FULLY AUTOMATIC!

This artificial intelligence historically averages 5-10%/month, sometimes more if extreme volatility occurs, plus it can trade both buy and sell (long and short) sides.

Cool Trader made 20% profit in 20 minutes on Flash Crash Day! (May 6, 2010)

Now let's see what YOU can do with the power of Cool Trader!

Take a look at http://www.ezfor.com/Buy-and-Hold-vs-Cool-Trader-Pro.htm


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